The Deciding Factor In Your Fitness Success | 078

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Fitness Psychology is a term I use to describe the way in which we think about our Fitness.

The high standards we hold ourselves to (e.g., “I know that by prioritizing my physical and mental health, I can better help those I care for.”)

The lower standards we may unknowingly accept for ourselves (e.g., “I’m just too busy to workout and take care of myself. I have too much else to worry about.”)

The amount of patience we hold and expectations we have in the process of self-development.

The list goes on.

If you are reading this, I want you to take a moment and think about the challenges you have faced with your health and fitness.

Put those challenges clear in your mind.

Now ask yourself this: “Did I struggle because I didn’t have enough knowledge of health and fitness? Or did I just get in my own way?”

The reason we struggle is often the latter.

You, most of my clients, and most people have enough information to achieve all of their goals and more.

The reason we most often struggle to succeed is in our own personal Fitness Psychology; Our world view in the lens of fitness, if you will.

If you are struggling.

If you want more.

If you want simplicity and progress, focus on doing what you know is right: Focusing on the basics.

No need to get caught up in excess information.

Just do what you know is right, be kind to yourself, and play the long game.

This fitness thing is for life.

If you want help, just reach out.

I’m here.

Skipping a Workout? Just Move | 077

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I say it all the time: Something is better than nothing.

I know you have the best intentions and plan to never miss a workout, but stuff happens.

Things come up and sometimes you’d rather hang out with friends and family than go to the gym.

It happens.

In those moments, at least moving a little bit is far better than doing nothing.

When I was 16 and just getting into the world of strength training, I had a difficult time with this concept.

Some days I would push my workout until the evening, not knowing that a fun opportunity with friends or family would arise, and I would do 1 of 2 things: Skip out on the family time to go workout, or stick around for the activities but fill myself with guilt.

Neither were the best options.

What I have learned over the past ten years is that unless you are a professional athlete or are really working on an ambitious goal, fitness needs to fit into your life, not control it.

I’m all about discipline and sticking to commitments.

However in the example above, I should have worked out early in the day when I knew I could.

By putting it off, I was asking for something to get in the way.

When that happens and you don’t want to miss out on the special moments in life with the ones you love, it is O.K to just go for a walk or do a quick set of something and then enjoy the time.

You can get back to your program tomorrow.

The Mental Side of Fitness | 076

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You’ve been lied to.

While there are countless trainers, coaches, and companies that stand for incredible things in the fitness industry, main stream media highly favors the negative side of fitness.

Many companies use straight up false information and scare tactics to sell products and ideas, many of which are harmful to our own potential success in fitness.

The truth is, our own “Fitness Psychology,” – that is, the way we perceive ourselves, our goals, and our future success – tends to play an incredibly strong role in our fitness.

Spending your time focusing on the “perfect diet,” “perfect workout,” or the “latest and greatest trend” is a quick way to nowhere.

Please don’t neglect your own psychology when trying to make sense of all the information out there.

What do you believe?

What seems like the simplest way to go about achieving your goals?

Do what seems simple and built around strong, sustainable habits.

That’s usually what’s best.

Fitness Efficiency | 075

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We all are busy, aren’t we?




Endless things on our mind.

Fitness can be and is an amazing outlet for many of us.

An outlet to relieve stress.

Or even, to simply feel a sense of progress in some area of our own life.

But fitness, while so important, doesn’t need to be so complicated.

We have many things to worry about and I believe that our training should reflect that, by being as efficient as possible.

There is rarely a meaningful reason to perform 15 exercise workouts that keep you in the gym for hours.

Master the basics and know that less is more.

Push those basics hard and you’ll see more with less time.

How to Stop Letting Perfectionism Hold You Back | 074

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Two and a Half months ago, on May 1 2020, I made a commitment to myself to post a written blog on my website every single day.

This idea stemmed from an abundantly clear need to take more action in my life; to stop planning and to start putting more into the world.

I knew that making a habit for “a few times a week” wouldn’t cut it.

It had to be something that I did every day, whether I was ready to “ship it” or not (a phrase learned from the great Marketing icon Seth Godin).

I have been on top of that commitment ever since.

73 days in a row without missing a post.

Some days they were long, well thought out and detailed.

Some days they had enough characters to make a tweet, and were simply a spur of the moment kind of thing.

But every day for 73 days it went out and got shipped.

Yesterday, sadly, I broke that streak.

As much as a habit as this writing has been, I simply forgot.

I thought that it had become so ingrained that I didn’t need my daily alarm anymore.

The day got a way from me and somehow, after 73 days, it slipped my mind completely.

There’s a lesson here for you.

The old Harris, the one that was crippled by perfectionism, would have left it at that and stopped posting daily simply because I broke the initial streak.

How foolish that would be.

Stopping such a meaningful piece of my day and possibly yours if you’re reading just because of an over inflamed ego.

No, not this time.

The more mature, less-dumbbass Harris knows that that’s a part of life.

I must and will keep posting.

Another day may be missed here and there, but those will be well worth all of the other days of contributing something to myself and to the world.

If you value your own commitments like I do, keep that trait.

It’s important as all hell.

But please don’t let the ego side get in the way of actively pursuing something amazing.

Learn from it, maybe share it like I am, and then get back on track tomorrow.

Why you are NOT achieving your Fitness Goals | 073

2021-03-12T03:07:58+00:00July 12, 2020|

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming that there is a fitness, health, or lifestyle goal that you are not fulfilling fully.

A habit that you just can’t seem to make stick.

The problem isn’t that you don’t have the perfect training program.

It’s not that you haven’t found the magical diet that will fix it all.

It’s plain and simple.

It’s the lack of true commitment to the process in which your goals are built from.

Before you deny the above, know that I am not saying that your lack of full commitment comes from laziness.

I am not saying that you are lazy

I am not saying that you are not working hard.

I am saying that because you likely have the wrong goal for you at this time, you are not able to fully commit.

You see, when we have the right goal – a goal that we want to achieve deep down to our core – it is actually tough to NOT commit fully.

It’s something that means so much to you.

If you are not happy where you are, know that you need consistency and you need commitment.

If you are committed in the wrong direction, you’ll be on a frustrating path to nowhere (at least, no where that you want to be.)

Keep focusing your efforts and actions on finding the right path for you.

Use your self-awareness and find this path, and your commitment and your results will be incredible.

How to Improve Focus Immediately | 072

2021-03-12T03:07:58+00:00July 11, 2020|

In a world full of distractions, focus can be hard to come by.

The constant clutter and over-stimulus that we experience every day can make it increasingly challenging to think clearly.

If you can relate and would like to focus better, think clearer, and get better results, you need to simplify your environment.

Clean the house.

Erase old text messages and unused apps.

Set specific time blocks to do certain things so you’re not constantly reacting to anything and everything.

The minute we reduce the noise and turn off our reactive “monkey brains” is the moment that we can think straight and be at our best.

Multi-Walk | 071

2021-03-12T03:07:58+00:00July 9, 2020|

Most of us know that multi-tasking doesn’t work all that well, at least, if the goal is to do a particular task as well as possible.

That being said, there are some things that don’t need a high level of focus and by that, can be done simultaneously while actually benefiting you.

I’ve found that while doing things like listening to an audiobook, calling clients/family, or even organizing some files and apps on my phone, I can easily walk at the same time.

Walking is such a crucial yet overlooked aspect of our mental and physical health, and this method may allow you to walk that much more.

I’m all for long walks with little to no technology in the picture.

That’s important to have.

But sometimes when you don’t plan to walk anyways and are hunched over a work desk doing tedious work, you very well may be able to get that stuff done on the move.

Try it out and let me know how it goes below.

Get Back On Track | 070

2021-03-12T03:07:58+00:00July 9, 2020|

I believe that if your mindset allows you to get right back on track no matter what happens, you are ahead of most.

The goal of perfection just doesn’t exist. It’s not worth giving a second thought.

We will not be perfect.

Do what you can, when you can, with what you have.

Not if, but when you make a mistake, learn from it and keep moving forward.

Simplify | 069

2021-03-12T03:07:58+00:00July 8, 2020|

More, more, more.

That’s often the goal in life for many.

And while achievement comes from taking proper action, it doesn’t necessarily come from doing more things.

You can simplify and reduce clutter while still taking incredible action.

Don’t think that your workouts or even your day need to be jam packed with volume and a hundred “to-do’s.”

Do the important stuff well and the rest will take care of itself.

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