Reverse Engineer Your Goal

Reverse engineer your ambitions into the smallest possible piece.

Have a 3 month goal?

Break down the required actions for each…




And then into mini 5-10 minute chunks per day.

Whatever you want is an accumulation of those mini chunks done repeatedly.

Simple works.

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The Cycle of Motivation

Do something positive.

Get a small win.

Feel a bit of motivation.

Do another positive.

Get yet another win.

Become even more motivated.

The cycle continues.

Thats how motivation works.

Don’t wait for it to come because you’ll spend most of your life waiting.

Do things that fit your vision, regardless of how you feel.

Motivation and success build from there.

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The One Thing Holding You Back (That You Can Change Instantly)

I know you have struggled in some way with your fitness.

We all have.

The problem rarely is a lack of knowledge.

The problem is rarely a lack of ability.

The problem is almost always, quite simply, how we define ourselves.

Let me explain.

Every person views themselves in a particular way: Smart or dumb, rich or poor, successful or not.

The list goes on and of course, our self-beliefs can sit anywhere on the spectrum.

What we don’t often pay attention to is just how much these beliefs play into our life.

Here’s an example (comment below if you can relate):

You go a long period without working out.

You feel lazy, unmotivated, and like you can’t possibly become fit.

Then, you take one small action.

Maybe it’s a single workout with a friend. Maybe it’s a long brisk walk. Who knows.

But you break the inertia and do something.

Now, you get those little thoughts in your head.

“That felt pretty good.”

“That wasn’t so bad. Maybe I’m not that lazy.”

“I could do this again.”

You are now thinking of yourself in a slightly more positive way.

So you do another workout, and another, and another.

Now, “all of a sudden,” you feel like a fit person, act like a fit person, and tell yourself you’re a fit person.

Your entire behavior has changed not because you learned a million and one new techniques or did something revolutionary, but you took a bit of action and see yourself in a different light.

If you are struggling with anything, try this:

Take a bit of positive action and then analyze how you view yourself before and after that action.

If you think more of yourself, keep going.

If not, still, keep going.

It’s a matter of time.

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You Are What You Eat… Kind Of

“You Are What You Eat” is a saying that has been around for quite some time.

Of course it can be true in some sense of the phrase, but we’re not talking about food today.

Rather, we’re talking about consumption in other area’s of our life: What we read, what we listen to, and who we surround ourselves with.

You are quite literally what you surround yourself with.

If you constantly have negative thoughts, feel unmotivated, and lack a positive outlook on your own life, check your surroundings.

Hands down, without a doubt, the largest influence on my life has been my love for listening to inspiring podcasts, reading optimistic things, and seeking out the right people.

Audit this area of your life and make the necessary adjustments.

I promise, it has the power to change everything.

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The Most Powerful Quote That I Have Ever Heard

Inspiring quotes are a dime a dozen.

I always love hearing them as they rarely cease to give me an extra boost, but most of them don’t truly “stick.”

I was listening to something today, however, that really hit me hard.

Not only do I think it’s incredibly relevant in fitness, but I believe it to be 17 words that can truly change your mood, actions, and life very, very quickly.

If you want to change your life, figure out how your worst day was your best day.”

Tony Robbins

C’mon… You’ve got to admit that is pretty damn good.

Everyone struggles in fitness, in work, in relationships, and in any other area that you can imagine.

Many often feel victim to the toughest moments of their past.

But, if you can dig deep and understand that the worst moments in your day or in your life have the potential to help you the most, you are on to something.

If you are reading this, I challenge you to think of the toughest moment in your fitness or in your life and ask yourself, “How did that make me grow?”

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How to Think Long-Term In Fitness | 085

Long Term Thinking.

It’s our foundation to everything.

Dig deep into your goals.

Nobody actually wants to JUST “lose a few pounds for vacation.”

As human beings, we want…


Quality of living

Sustainability and resiliency

This comes from daily health habits that are sustainable and add to your life, not ones that leave you feeling weak, drained and unfulfilled.

Build your foundation and see greater progress than ever before.

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5 Minute Fitness | 084

You and I have seen more “5 minute ab” workouts than we can count.

This isn’t one of them.

Today we’re going through the concept of work capacity, and how using a simple 5 minute AMRAP (as many reps/rounds as possible) can build fitness anywhere, anytime.

You don’t need equipment and you can match this to your individual skill level.

Although you will sweat, and be tired, and feel the burn, it doesn’t stop there.

Unlike most quick YouTube circuits, this style is built to increase fitness, not just burn through exercises.

You will be picking 1 exercise or a circuit of movements and completing as many quality reps as you can in a designated time frame (here we chose 5 minutes but it can be anything.)

Track your performance and then strive to beat it over time.

How might you use this method with your own training? Comment below!

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How To Detect Fitness B.S and Create Lasting Progress | 083

I am going to give you 3 actionable takeaways that will help you detect the bullshit out there and focus on what really matters: Sustainable progress.

But first, let’s review some of the overtly stupid fads that are popular nowadays. 

You know the ones I’m referring to.

“Drink this tea to quickly lose inches around your waist.”

“Try my 7 minute tummy torching ab workout and finally burn that stubborn belly fat.”

“Take this Xtreme weight gainer and build 20 pounds of lean muscle in 20 days.”

I am paraphrasing of course, but honestly this is almost verbatim what many products are claiming to do.

It’s absolute shit.

Now that we’ve gone over what this stuff looks like, let’s create a plan of action to detect it and move past it. 

First, I want you to understand why some people fall for this stuff and who it’s targeting.

I believe that people are either going forward in fitness or going backwards.

No, i am not basing this off of weightloss measures, progress photos, or physical results.

It’s about mindset and sustainability.

Those that are fulfilled with their fitness, striving for self-growth, and taking a life long approach to it all are moving forward.

Those who are getting fit out of fear and are miserable with their methods are going backwards (for now.)

I have so much empathy for anyone in that last spot. I get it. It’s hard and there is so much comparing that is built into our system.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The companies and people that make these ridiculous claims are going after people who feel stuck, sad, and in need of a quick fix.

But these products never help and they leave so many even more confused and frustrated.

Now, to the solution.

  1. Find Your “Why” – When our goals ONLY reflect the surface (lose 5 pounds), it makes sense that we go for the quick fixes that seem available to us. We’re only focused on the short term in that case. But when we develop a deep reason behind what we want – a reason so deep that it drives us in even the most challenging times – we look beyond the present moment and aim for long term sustainability and growth. Find your “why.”
  2. Sharpen Your Bullshit Detector – Unfortunately, some garbage products and services are built such that the untrained eye will have a hard time differentiating them from the truth. Here’s a useful filter: Anything preaching long term sustainability and finding what’s right for you is probably good to go. Anything claiming fast and easy progress and “guaranteed results” is most likely garbage. Think critically, do your research, and ask the right questions.
  3. Build The Basics – Now you’re ready to focus on the basics and simply build those up over time. Nothing fancy. Just do the basics consistently and you’ll be far ahead of most.
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Has Quarantine “Ruined” Your Fitness? | 082

I have had a few interesting conversations lately with regards to this question.

Many have different answers, and certainly different mindset.

My goal with writing to you today is not to choose right from wrong or to judge in any way – rather, I want to uncover some hidden “Fitness Psychology Scripts” that many tend to hold onto.

I am a true believer that we as people have two choices at any given moment.

  1. We control our environment.
  2. We let our environment control us.

What about the uncontrollable you may ask?

Of course, some things are out of our control. But, our reaction is not one of those things.

When asked the question, “Has quarantine ruined your fitness?”, I have heard many different answers. 

Some think yes, it has.

Others claim control and say no, it hasn’t.

I have two schools of thought here.

Yes, we are always always always in control of how we react and what we choose to believe.

That will not change.

Quarantine cannot ruin your fitness unless you let it.

That being said, it is important to understand how hard this time is for so many people.

While everyone is in control of their actions, massive economic fallouts and increasingly high death rates can be quite traumatic.

So, we must have empathy for those that are struggling and understand that fitness may be exponentially harder to focus on given all happening in the world.

But at the same time, how we frame it is totally our call.

You can have a mix of both. It is OKAY to not be at your best fitness wise. But you should also know that you are 100% in control and when the time comes that you are ready, you can get back to where you were and much, much more.

Stay safe and stay strong.


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Stop Complicating Fitness | 081

Hey there,

Just by reading this, I know that you are

✔️   A Hard Worker

✔️ Prioritizing Your Fitness (Or you want to be)

✔️ Tired, Annoyed, and Frustrated by all of the conflicting fitness advice that you see day in and day out

My sole purpose for writing to you is to help encourage you to simplify your life through fitness, not complicate it.

I’m not going to sell you the (garbage) idea that all you need is 7 days of a quick fix to “transform.”

I’m definitely not going to lie to your face (or in this case your eyes) and tell you that losing weight, building brute strength, or creating sustainable fitness is easy.

It’s not easy.

But it sure as hell can be simple.

You have family, business, friendships, and life to worry about.

Please, don’t waste another second worrying about what others think of your body or your choices.

Please, don’t waste another second debating which foods are the best (there are none) or which program will get you the best results (there is none.)

All I ask is that you realize what this fitness stuff is all about.

It is meant to empower you. To energize you. To strengthen you and much, much more.

Not give you another freaking headache in your life.

If you need simplicity in your fitness and in your life, please know that it’s possible.

I’m here to help you create it.

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