How To Have Stronger Days

I believe that most people – whether they know it or not – spend their lives searching for stronger days.

After all, every goal, outcome, or change we seek is a result of small improvements over many days.

Want a strong body and to feel better naked?

Wanna’ increase your income and make deeper strides in your career?

Want to maximize your relationship with your family and more greatly impact the people you meet?

All of that comes from stronger habits built into each and every day.

What are those habits and how do we make them stick?

Well, that’s what most of us are in search of.

I’ll do my best to share my stories, experiences, and insights to help you on the path, but stronger days start with you.

That being said, I do have one possibly helpful insight that you can immediately take with you.

I believe that stronger days start the night before.



Two key players in the pursuit of better days and a purposeful life.

You know about to-do lists; nothing new there.

What I’m suggesting goes deeper than your average to-do list.

I want you to think deeply about what will make each day better, and create 1-3 daily habits that when compounded over time, create a substantially stronger life.

Make these habits specific – you either did them or you didn’t.

Make these habits exciting – they need to be so emotionally connected to you that by seeing them on your list, you can’t help but get excited to check them off daily.

Lastly, make these habits a part of your practice – we’re not looking for “kinda’ interesting” items that you do only when you feel like it; rather, we’re looking to create clear and purposeful actions that you will accomplish daily.

When you pick the right habits (they’ll evolve over time so don’t procrastinate in search of the right ones,) and you compound them over days, weeks, and years… your entire life will change for the better.

Stronger days start the night before.

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Are You Committed Or Just Interested?

I watched this video earlier today and was intrigued by the phrasing of this question.

When thinking of the goals we set out to accomplish, I believe a useful question to ask yourself is if you are committed to achieving these goals, or simply interested.

What’s the difference?

Interest in your goals means that you’ve thought about them, you may even be excited by the idea of them, but at the first sign of adversity, you’ll likely give up on them.

When we’re simply interested and nothing more, we tend to let our own excuses, stories, and negative self-narratives keep us from doing the work when the work gets hard.

We justify why we can’t do something or why we can simply do it later.

Progress doesn’t happen here.

Commitment to your goals means that you hold a shield around them; the stronger the shield (the commitment,) the more you can let go of negative stories and excuses that hold you back.

Being committed to a stronger self means that we move forward despite our past problems, stories, or negative narratives.

A committed person has all of that history but keeps chipping away at a stronger self every day; no excuses, no reasons why they can’t.

Here are some questions for you to act on right now:

  1. Remember a time where you felt short on a goal; were you committed or simply interested?
  2. Remember a time where you became stronger and crushed your goals; were you simply interested, or full of commitment?
  3. What is the one area of your life that by growing stronger, your whole life will improve? What daily habits will you fully commit to starting today?

Feel free to let me know your answers.

As with all my posts, I hope this doesn’t just make you think but inspires you to take life-changing action.

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1000 Small Deaths and Half-Assed Workouts

If you’re thinking, “Harris, are you drunk? What are you talking about?”

The answer is twofold

  1. I wish
  2. Keep reading and I’ll tell ya

1000 small deaths.

More commonly known as, “death by a thousand cuts.”

I relate this to working out and half-assing it – basically, giving up when things get uncomfortable.

1000 half-assed workouts definitely feel more comfortable in their individual moments, but weeks, months, and years of this will result in a much bigger challenge than anyone workout could ever provide.

The inevitable regret one will experience after prolonged periods of taking the easy route will be exponentially more uncomfortable than the immediate pain of pushing a few more reps, running that extra lap, or lifting that extra 10 pounds.

In training and in life (the two are closely related,) the easy road leads to the darkest end.

Today’s Takeaway

Do what you want, of course.

And we all have sub-par days.

But know this – we have full control of our efforts.

Not the outcome.

But the effort.

The practice.

If you focus on effort, intensity, and full commitment during your training (and everything you do,) those tough moments will lead to far better rewards and a far happier life.

Let me know if this had an impact!

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Welcome to The Coach Harris Show!

Today is a great day (they all are, really.)

I’ve officially created my own podcast (3rd times the charm) and will be putting in a ton of effort to make it as valuable, enjoyable, and worthwhile for your time.

We all know that podcasts are great to listen to while on a walk, when cleaning the house, or during your morning poop – i’d be honored if mine can make the cut.

Episode 001

Is an introductory epsisode where I lay out expectations of the show, my “why” for creating it, and the type of challenges I hope to help you through.

A few examples of topics The Coach Harris Show will cover are but are not limited to…

  • How to train with purpose and find fulfillment through fitness (even if you feel overwhelmed and lost)
  • How to build brutal strength and feel athletic for life (even if you feel like a weak baby bird!)
  • How to use your failures to create incredible success (even if you fail every day!)

Thanks so much for listening and please be sure to leave a comment below with your questions!

If you get value from this show and want to help support, It’d mean the world if you could click above and leave a review on Apple Podcasts.

Thanks and chat soon!

Coach Harris

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It’s easier said than done

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “it’s easier said than done.”

It’s true and the words make sense.

But its used as an excuse.

When asked why an action hasn’t been taken in one’s life, some people quickly respond saying that it’s easier said than done.

Of course it is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

“You can make the time to exercise more.”

“Well that’s easier said than done!”

“ I see that you’ve fallen off track again. Tomorrow’s a new day just get back to it.”

“ it’s easier said than done! I’ll start again next week.”

The list is endless

Why am I spending so much time on a simple phrase? Because the words we use say a ton about what’s really going on.


You can be scared

You can fall off your program

You will not, nor should not be “perfect”

That’s all fine

Just please be honest with yourself and with others about why you are choosing to not act on what you say you want to achieve

We prioritize our priorities. Always.

If you don’t want something, that’s fine.

If you do, like really do, you’ll prioritize it.

Get after it

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Motivation Is Just The Surface

Motivation is quite interesting.

“If” you could be wildly motivated 24/7/365, you would be incredibly consistent with whatever you choose to give your attention to.

You would be ultra-disciplined.

Highly successful.

All of it.

Nobody – not even one person – is perfectly motivated all-day-everyday.

If they say they are, they are either lying to you or are highly delusional.

Nobody is motivated all the time, yet there are tons of successful, disciplined, and accomplished people out there.

What gives?

People that consistently show up, accomplish, and succeed do so for far deeper reasons than just “feeling motivated.”

These people want – rather, need – to see themselves as the kind of person who exhibits discipline.

They want others to see themselves as disciplined.

There are many deep reasons why you do what you do, but all of them are rooted in how you see yourself.

Next time you are feeling unmotivated and plan to wait until the mood strikes, ask yourself, “how do I want to view myself? As someone who does what they say they’re going to do? Or someone who doesn’t.”

It’s your choice.

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How To Be Consistent In Fitness

Perfectionism is the ultimate killer of consistency.

Many use perfectionism as a disguise for their fear of commitment.

I know, that may sound pretty extreme, especially for fitness, but let me explain.

Perfectionism is typically worn as a badge of honor, making it seem like an “All-Or-Nothing” mindset is what real winners have.

It’s not.

The best in any arena are masters of consistency, not perfection.

They earn greatness not because every day is a success, but because they stay consistent despite “failed” days.

If you are having trouble with consistency and resonate with the idea that if you miss one habit then you might as well restart next week/month/year, this message is for you.

I truly hope it helps.

Know that real commitment to something or even someone means staying consistent through adversity, not abandoning ship at the first sight of it.

Stay Strong

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How To Take Ownership In Fitness

Blaming other people.

Blaming a lack of time.

Blaming a lack of resources.

Blaming anything but yourself, will leave you frustrated and insecure.

There are no exceptions, honestly.

This does not mean you should dwell and beat yourself up.

Rather, you should feel liberated by the control that is gained from saying “I did this” or “I didn’t do this, and it’s because of me and me only.”

If you don’t want something enough, that is absolutely fine.

Just don’t complain about not having it because if you really did want it, you’d find a way to make it happen.

You’re strong enough to do that.

Don’t devalue yourself by putting your results in another’s hand.

Take control. It’s not their life. It’s yours.

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How To Make Better Fitness Goals

No two fitness goals are the same
Well, on the surface they may be…
Surface level goals are the ones with little substance behind them.
Little emotion, if any.
Have you ever asked somebody why they want to achieve their specific goal only to hear the reply, “Because”?
Yeah, so have I.
People with this kind of response are well-intentioned, absolutely.
But I’m willing to bet that if anything, and I mean anything, makes the path to their goal even a bit more uncomfortable than they’re used to, they’ll give up.
Maybe give up for that day, or for that week, I don’t know.
Sadly, many will give up for good.
How do we prevent this, or at least, prevent it better?
The answer is in the depth of our goals.
When your answer to “why this goal?” isn’t just, “because,” but it’s something much deeper, you’ll be hard to stop.
Watch the video above to see how we can create deeper, more motivating goals in seconds.
Questions, comments, jokes… leave em’ below.
Here for you 😊
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Mistakes Are Good

The more experienced you become in fitness, the more “mistakes” you will have under your belt.

Don’t avoid the mistakes as they’ll teach you the most important things about your fitness and about yourself.

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