Welcome to The Coach Harris Show!

2021-04-10T02:59:14+00:00February 21, 2021|

Today is a great day (they all are, really.)

I’ve officially created my own podcast (3rd times the charm) and will be putting in a ton of effort to make it as valuable, enjoyable, and worthwhile for your time.

We all know that podcasts are great to listen to while on a walk, when cleaning the house, or during your morning poop – i’d be honored if mine can make the cut.

Episode 001

Is an introductory epsisode where I lay out expectations of the show, my “why” for creating it, and the type of challenges I hope to help you through.

A few examples of topics The Coach Harris Show will cover are but are not limited to…

  • How to train with purpose and find fulfillment through fitness (even if you feel overwhelmed and lost)
  • How to build brutal strength and feel athletic for life (even if you feel like a weak baby bird!)
  • How to use your failures to create incredible success (even if you fail every day!)

Thanks so much for listening and please be sure to leave a comment below with your questions!

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Thanks and chat soon!

Coach Harris