Motivation is quite interesting.

“If” you could be wildly motivated 24/7/365, you would be incredibly consistent with whatever you choose to give your attention to.

You would be ultra-disciplined.

Highly successful.

All of it.

Nobody – not even one person – is perfectly motivated all-day-everyday.

If they say they are, they are either lying to you or are highly delusional.

Nobody is motivated all the time, yet there are tons of successful, disciplined, and accomplished people out there.

What gives?

People that consistently show up, accomplish, and succeed do so for far deeper reasons than just “feeling motivated.”

These people want – rather, need – to see themselves as the kind of person who exhibits discipline.

They want others to see themselves as disciplined.

There are many deep reasons why you do what you do, but all of them are rooted in how you see yourself.

Next time you are feeling unmotivated and plan to wait until the mood strikes, ask yourself, “how do I want to view myself? As someone who does what they say they’re going to do? Or someone who doesn’t.”

It’s your choice.